Timing Belt Suppliers

A timing belt is an integral part of a combustion engine. They have many other applications in several industries. These belts are used with pulleys to provide a positive engagement. Accurate rotary motion is the most important role of a timing belt. We are one of the foremost Timing Belt Suppliers In Mumbai. Arihant Trading Co is well-known V Belt Supplier in the market for durable and precisely engineered belts. Whether you need Mega Torque Timing Belts or H Series Timing Belts, we’ve got you covered. If you also want premium quality belts, talk to our experts and they will guide you accordingly.

Why Our Timing Belts?

  • They are engineered to do their work excellently and this is why they will deliver precise motion with accurate timing.
  • There are no problems like corrosion or rusting.
  • They work smoothly without generating any noise.
  • The mechanical efficiency of our belts is unmatched in the market.
  • You’ll observe only minimal vibration in their working.
  • Our belts are extremely light-weight and very safe to use.

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We are considered a renowned Gates and Contitech Timing Belts Dealer and Importer In India. You can also contact us for Super Torque Timing Belts.