Grinding Wheel Suppliers

Different types of grinding wheels are used widely in several kinds of grinding machines. These expendable wheels are manufactured from an abrasive compound so that it can perform the task of grinding with ease. Arihant Trading Co is one of the most prominent Grinding Wheel Suppliers In Mumbai. The brands that we associate with use a tightly controlled and precise process to fabricate these wheels. Based on the requirements of the client, these wheels can be obtained in different cross sections and profiles. Our offered NTN Pillow Block Bearing are available in different sizes, shapes and designs, and you can choose them according to your requirements.Used in masonry applications, cutting stones and building materials, these wheels are low maintenance, corrosion resistant and highly durable.

Key Characteristics Of Our Grinding Wheels:

  • Exceptional resistance to bending
  • Sturdy construction ensures smooth operations
  • Long service life because of a strong built
  • Available in different structures, grades, abrasives and grain sizes
  • Ideal structure to ensure high performance
  • Precise surface finish which makes sure that all kinds of grinding purposes are fulfilled
  • Easy to use and maintain

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We are established as one of the highly respected Carborundum Grinding Wheels Exporters from India. Our company is a well-known Norton Grinding Wheel Dealer. We have a track record of delivering our products within the designated time. Call now to place your order.