A Bolt is another fastener comes with external male threads and used in already drilled holes. They look more like screws and confuse the buyers; however, they are not the same. If you need industrial bolts of any type, we have the right options (High Tensile Nut Bolt one of our best products) available under our brand name. Arihant Trading Co, being one of the leading Metric Bolt Manufacturers in Mumbai, has an extensive range designed and manufactured as per your fastening needs and available in endless configurations.

Why Our Offered Metric Bolt?

  • Can secure with nut fasteners
  • Simple to install and uninstall
  • Made of high-grade materials
  • Can withstand corrosion and environmental damages
  • Most of them require no heat treatments
  • Comes with a friction grip connection
  • Able to handle vibrations
  • Prevent any possible slips in connections

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