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Also known by its common trade name Teflon Rod, PTFE is a synthetic polymer with multiple applications. It can be easily moulded into any shape which makes this material ideal for industrial applications. Using these qualities of PTFE, Arihant Trading Co has become one of the most trusted PTFE Products Manufacturers In Mumbai. The chemical resistance and harmless nature of these products make them highly suitable for industry both in terms of flexibility in use and environment-friendliness. Chemical, food processing and pharmaceutical industries are the major beneficiaries of the unique qualities of these materials.

Reasons To Choose Our PTFE Products:

  • Temperature Resistance - The temperature resistance of these products makes them great for a number of applications in several industries.
  • Non-Toxic - These products are neither poisonous nor toxic in any way. This helps you in working with compliance to the regulatory norms.
  • Chemical Resistance - Our products are also highly resistant to chemicals and don’t react with them easily.

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